Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scholart Exhibition in the ARTS House

November 14, 2014, we opened the first (conscious) exhibition on scholart in the ARTS House Otaniemi (Aalto University). We had been planning to make it already in the spring (producer: Farbod Fakharzadeh), but because of some problems with gallery which stood up on us in the last moment, we finished the exhibition quite late that year.

The main question here was to discuss what it means to use artistic methods to discuss scholarly issues - when you are not an artist, or when you don't it as an artist.

Scholartists: Max Ryynänen, Taina Rajanti, Farbod Fakharzadeh, Eva Pavlic Siefert, Melinda Abercrombie, Sari Kivimäki and Andrea Coyotzi Borja.

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