Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bye bye Gallery KLEIN

Gallery KLEIN was a project which started quite at the same time as we started to discuss scholart. I had been running two 'real' galleries in Kallio, the first one, ROR Gallery (with friends like Jiri Geller and Eva Neklyaeva) in the beginning of the 2000s and the second one, Kallio Kunsthalle, in the beginning of the 2010s (with Petri Saarikko and Sasha Huber). KLEIN happened, because I was running a course on galleries (White Cube) together with Pia Euro, and I realized that besides the big wooden gallery which we built as an experiment (before filling it with art), it would be fun to experiment with a really small gallery space. I went out and bought a small suitcase (meant for children).

Above: Elham Rahmati's drawing exhibition. Below: Jean-Francois Paquay's garden art in KLEIN.

This suitcase gallery which traveled with me wherever I gave speeches and lectures, was as real as possible with openings, artist statements and webpages. Most exhibitions are seen by approximately 100 viewers but the interesting thing with KLEIN was that people spent more time watching the art works. I remember from my old days as a ‘real gallerist’ that most visitors to ‘real’ galleries just walk in, turn their head and write their name in the guestbook, and then they go out, heading for the next one. Among many others, KLEIN exhibited Jean-Francois Paquay (Belgium), Elham Rahmati (Iran/Italy), Anna Korotkova (Russia/Finland), Sinem Kayacan (Turkey/Finland) and Melinda Abercrombie (US). Scholartist and urban scholar Taina Rajanti exhibited her series of park photos (parkart). With Taina we finished the gallery with a performance act: we left it in Berlin, in the park close to the angel, together with a message (please adopt this gallery if you feel like it).

I was lucky to be able to announce the existence of the gallery in Art Pulse, and the exhitions traveled to e.g. Riga, Saldus, Bratislava and Warsaw. KLEIN was also one of the official exhibition spaces showing the winners of the Nordic dance film competition 60secondsdance in 2015. Still I am not sure if the philosophical ideas I got from it should be written out or just used in exhibition planning.

See the video  here. More about KLEIN (webpages) here.

Max Ryynänen

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